Two things

 There are two things I want to point out right now.. first, about exclusivity and second about me being a memory hoarder. Two thoughts I have currently in mind. 

Let’s go to the latter. This day, something Ive been keeping got stolen/lost by someone. You see, I hid it for so long because the person who gave it to me is someone who is so close to every veins of my heart. There was something he did that really made me smile.. cause once, I have dreamt that he’ll do exactly what he did.. once, it was only in my thoughts that he’ll ever give me something unexpectedly. Call me mababaw, but what he has done could never be replaced by a similar thing that would be given to me again…. indeed Im a romantic memorialist…. im a memory hoarder… but it’s only through it, that I could remember the feeling, smile, gladness and the happiness I got that DAY.. (two people are with me… halukayin ko daw sumwer sa basurahan haha)

Now let’s go to exclusivity… hmmmm a friend of mine told me “parang ang ganda pakinggan ng exclusively dating"… Exclusive dating is my thing…. before, i used to entertain different guys at the same time (suitors).. cause for me, it’s the only way I would get to know who is persistent and consistent enough to get my heart. But last year I decided that i’ll not entertain other guys while dating another guy. I don’;t know.. it’s just that I don’t believe in ligaw anymore.
but seriously, my point here is that Im a bit stubborn. if i want someone I WANT HIM.. God knows how I don’t give up easily..  if i want someone, I only want him. give me ashton kutcher and i’ll still turn him down for that one guy i like… :(… but this line hits me (once again, something affected me haha)
"masyado kasi natin isinambuhay ang exclusivity at masyado tayo blinded nun. mas marami pa palang deserving" …. and this reminds me on how i used to wait for someone to come back to me… someone I loved so much that eventually did come back but still had the nerves to leave me again… Yes, i didnt regret waiting for him… but this is something i dont want to happen anymore.. sometimes i really don’t know what’s worth it.. if a certain person is worth all the risk, worth all the wait… if he is worth the love….. :(

:( bakit ang emo ko? umulan lang ah! nawala lang yung ….! haha